The History of Backgammon – Now and Then
December 15th, 2015 by Claudia

Backgammon is the original game in recorded history. It has been called as the "little battle," backgammon appeared in ancient Iraq about 5 millennia ago. In any case, Egyptians called backgammon "Senat," which was a similar form of the present game played at this time. Hundreds of years ago, only citizens in influence, the prevailing figures of aristocracy like Egyptian pharaohs, were allowed to enjoy. The game began to spread around the globe in time. Distinctive Backgammon types have been developed in numerous regions and civilizations, but the main rules of those versions resemble those of the antiquated form . For example, Greece grabbed a hold of the game and called it by the title "bac gamen." From there, the Anglo’s borrowed backgammon in the 17th century and have continued to play it ever since. Backgammon and different archaic games weren’t ever approved by many churches. The churches felt that the game was the work of Beelzebub. This caused clergy to blacklist and burn the game. The banishment and burning did not prevent many people betting on games and having fun.

Technology offers a new arena for Backgammon. When assorted electronic games are available all over the place, computer academics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) use Backgammon for researching, advancing and analyzing AI theories and formulas as a consequence of the simplicity of game regulations and complexity of techniques.

With the embracing of the Internet, backgammon has evolved to a completely new level. A lot might not know that net Backgammon is almost certainly installed on most of computers running Windows XP/Vista by default in "Games" menu option. Online Backgammon hooks up hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the planet. Once you signed up on an online game site, you can wager on Backgammon with a computer, or opposed to a real player. Gaming websites have been hosting Backgammon tournaments frequently. You will be able to participate in the game for enjoyment, or for cash. There are countless of associations devoted to online backgammon, as well as exclusive game software that you can retrieve to wager with others. People love Backgammon for the reality that it is simple but still calls for a bit of attention and expertise.

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